Paula Pereira

Modular Shawl

Shawls are that kind of knit that are simultaneously great for a travel project, giving as gifts or making for yourself. They are an accessory that can be worn multiple seasons and can be as complicated or as simple as you feel up to.
In this workshop you will knit in the four directions in order to build, through modules, Triangular Shawls.
Workshop Concept: Explore the modular construction technique in different shapes of triangular shawls!
The modular concept in knitting allows you to knit in several directions, one module at a time, and obtain unusual shapes in the shawls! In this workshop we are going to knit different triangular shawl shapes from geometric shapes!
– Knit miniature geometric shapes in the four directions
– different techniques for picking up the stitches in the modular construction technique
– creation of shawls, using the modular technique, from geometric shapes
– application of colors and dots

You can see some examples here and here



This workshop is in english and portuguese

  • Length

    3 Hours
  • Level

  • Materials needed

    needles of 3 to 4,5 mm
  • stitch markers, 1 locking marker
  • paper and pencil for notes
  • The yarn that you will work in the workshop will be gifted by one of the sponsors of the festival.
  • Homework

    Yes, to be sent later.