1. How do tickets work in Knit with Friends festival?

Tickets for Knit with Friends festival are only sent by email in form of an e-ticket. Workshop and market tickets must be bought with the name of the person who will assist the class or visit the market. Those who not wish to attend a workshop can buy a market ticket entry for one day or both days of the festival. The resale of tickets for Knit and Friends festival is totally forbidden. Tickets are not transferable. Ticket holders must bring a printout of the e-ticket receipt to the festival and exchange it for a bracelet on the check in of the festival. The use of the bracelet is mandatory during the festival.

2. Where can I pick up my bracelet to enter the festival?

You can pick your bracelet the day before, 21 June, between 16h and 19h (see how to get here). You can also pick up your bracelets during the days of the festival, from 9 am forwards. It will be given priority, in the days of the festival, to morning workshop ticket holders.


1. Can I use a debit or credit card in the event or do I bring cash?

The local where the event takes place do not have a cashpoint, but nearby you have several places where you have others cashpoints.

Each vendor has their own arrangement.

2. Can I leave my bags somewhere while I am in the festival?

There is no place in the festival where you can leave your bags. 

3. Do children have to pay to get in?

Under 14 are free but must be accompanied by a paying adult.

4. Will there be a place to eat or grab a coffee inside the festival?

Seminário de Vilar, the place where Knit with Friends takes place has a coffee shop. Nearby you have plenty of places to eat.

5. Wheelchair users

The place where Knit and Friends take place is equipped with ramps and elevators and accessible for wheelchair users.


1. Can I buy multiple workshops at once?

yes but each entry has to have the name of the person that is going to visit the market or make the workshop.

2. Can I buy a workshop for a friend?

Yes, but it is mandatory that you enter the name of the person who will assist the workshop and, ideally, their own email address.

3. Can I bring my baby/child to the workshop?

No. Children are welcome in the market of the festival, but not in workshops.

4. The entrance in a workshop gives me access to the market?

Yes. You have free access to the market on the same day of the workshop you booked.
You also can choose, when buying a workshop, free access to both days of the festival.