Judit Gummlich

Embroidery on Knits

Tickets available 24 of March at 5 pm

Price: 75€   




Embroidering knitwear looks impressive, but it doesn’t have to be difficult!
In this workshop you will learn the basics and techniques you need to embellish your own knitted or crocheted projects with woollen embroidery and turn them into something unique and personal.
In this three-hour workshop you will learn:
– what to consider when planning/special features of embroidery on knits
– how to choose the right materials and tools
– preparing the embroidery hoop
– the basic stitches
– embroidering the motif (planning your route, starting and finishing the thread, embroidering with multiple threads )
– post-processing and aftercare
– recognising and correcting mistakes
Plus a lot of tips and tricks on how to create beautiful designs that take even the plainest knitted piece to a new level. This is a great way to use up scraps, to give knitted garmentss a new life and add another craft skill to your creative repertoire.
This workshop is aimed for both beginners and advanced crafters, all levels are welcome.

This workshop is in english

  • Length

    3 Hours
  • Level

  • Materials to bring

    stable embroidery hoop (preferably with a diameter of about 20 cm and a small needlework scissors.
  • Optional: own template, yarn scraps and a garment to be embroidered.
  • Embroidery templates, water soluble stabiliser, embroidery needles, yarn scraps and beads will be provided.
  • Homework

    Please prepare if you don’t bring a garment, a swatch appr. 25x25 cm, preferably in stockinette stitch, washed and blocked.