Filipa Carneiro

Spice up your Knitting with Purl Inlay Colorwork

Tickets available 24 of March at 5 pm

Price: 65€   




Would you like to add intricate colorwork andtexture patterns to your knitting in a newandexciting way? This technique is just for you! Purl inlay colorwork technique creates uniquedesigns that are sure to impress. My adventurein this new technique started when I stumbledupon an old machine-knitting book that featured some curious and interesting patterns. The designs of this “weaving” techniqueimmediately caught my attention as somethingI had never seen before in hand knitting. So, I spent some time experimenting to recreatethis machine knitting “weaving” technique by hand. The technique is similar to the inlaytechnique, but the yarn always stays on the right side of the fabric, never crossingtothewrong side.
To achieve this you have to secure the contrast color yarn on the right side of the fabric, creating an intricate pattern that looks like an embroidery stitch. Then you combinethis with weaving principles to create beautiful motifs. In resume, the colorwork patterns areworked by weaving the new color into the fabric using a purl stitch. Despite its intricatelook, this technique is surprisingly simple to execute! With a little bit of practice, you’ll beable to create stunning, one-of-a-kind designs that will impress everyone. And if youknow how to purl on the Portuguese knitting style it gets even easier. You’ll love it!


– introduction to purl inlay colorwork, how to secure the 2 colors;
– how to work the basic purl inlay stitch using the 2 colors;
– how to read the purl colorwok charts;
– how to work the motifs, following the charts, knitting in the round;
– how to work the motifs, following the charts, knitting flat (in rows);
– all students receive the pattern for a cowl using this tecnhique.



This workshop is in english, portuguese and spanish.

  • Length

    3 Hours
  • Level

  • Students should know how to cast on, bind off, work basic stitchpatterns, increases and decreases and knit in the round small circumferences (magic-loopor DPNs); it’s a plus if you know how to work stranded colorwok (jacquard).
  • Materials to bring

    5 mm circular knitting needles (or the number recommended by the DK yarn used).
  • The yarn that you will work in the workshop will be gifted by one of the sponsors of the festival.
  • Homework